Smart Defrosting Tray
Smart Defrosting Tray
Smart Defrosting Tray
Smart Defrosting Tray
Smart Defrosting Tray
Smart Defrosting Tray

Smart Defrosting Tray

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Are you looking for a natural, easy and fast way to defrost your frozen food?

Save time, electricity, money, while maintaining the original taste and nutrients in your food. Maintain a healthy meal with our smart defrosting plate.

We highly recommend our smart defrosting tray because;

  • It defrosts your chicken breasts, steak, pork chops, lamb chops, and more within 30-60 minutes depending on the thickness.
  • It is great for defrosting smaller food such as burgers, sausages, prawns, and bacon even faster!
  • It maintains the original taste and nutrients making your meals stay healthy always.
  • The high-speed exchange allows frozen foods to achieve the fastest natural thawing effect.
  • Easy to use, non-stick, electricity-saving, easy to clean and, environmentally friendly.

The thawing speed is 5.6 times the thawing speed of other ceramic ware. Ceramicware thawing speed is approximately 91 minutes whereas the smart thawing plate thaws in about 30 minutes.


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Material: Plastic + Aluminum

Shape: Square


(A)29.5 X 20.3 X 0.2cm/ 11.61 X 7.99 X 0.08 inches

(B)35.5 X 20.5 X 0.2cm/ 13.98 X 8.07 X 0.08 inches

Application: Fast thawing


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